Slip & Fall Accidents

Experiencing slip and fall accidents can cause life-changing damages. Being able to file for this specific personal injury case is quite complex and complicated as well. Just forgetting to add a few facts related to the case may cause you to lose your compensation. That is why it is really important to fully understand the whole process of litigation for cases like these.

If a person experiences a fall or slip accident, their first instinct may be to leave the place because they might feel embarrassed. But what you must do is report the incident immediately to the manager or person in charge of that specific establishment. Even if you’re not in pain from the incident, it is still worth reporting it to the building’s manager so that they are aware of the safety hazard.

After the accident, please call 1-866-611-PBCS so we can direct you to a medical facility and you can seek treatment. Sometimes, insurance companies strictly track every single step that you take after the slip and fall accident to lessen your compensation by ensuring that they can prove that your condition is not as serious as it actually is.

The procedure after the slip and fall accident is a complicated and a stressful experience for hundreds of victims throughout Florida. Filing the claim on your own without assistance can be very difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. This is why we are here to cover all the things you need to successfully receive the claim you are entitled to.

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