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At Florida Premium Billing and Collection Services (PBCS) our goal is to keep our clients satisfied by collecting balances owed by insurance companies while also providing interactive and personalized customer service and consultations that assists our clients in the maximization of collection and recovery efforts.

The key to success in this and any other business is to be able to create cash flow as soon as possible. That is our main goal at Florida PBCS.  Our commitment is to recover any and all outstanding balances due to you in an efficient and rapid manner and to guarantee our maximum efforts avoiding for your office to incur any unnecessary litigation costs and loss of time.   Protecting our client’s best interests and rights are always our top priority.  Florida PBCS stands for its recognized quality of our work.

However, it is, for this reason, inevitable that some cases will continue on and reach the litigation stage if recovery is not quickly established.  With our client’s approval, we guarantee a fair and aggressive fight against these insurance companies while protecting the provider’s interests and rights. Florida PBCS has affiliate relations with experienced litigation attorneys who have been working in this field for over 20 years and will defend your rights.

We can help you recover claims that date back
as far as 5 years.
Claim what is rightfully yours, don't wait another day!

Florida PBCS’s hard-line approach to the insurance companies is handled by experienced personnel and case handlers who will assure the best handling of all claims. They are 100 % committed to making our client’s accounts top priority in their collection efforts and will make all concerted efforts to maximize reimbursement on even the most challenging cases.

If you are experiencing delays in your claims recovery and the insurance companies are not paying your claims or you have claims that are being reduced for any reason, call us today.

We can help you recover claims that date back as far as 5 years. Claim what is rightfully yours…don’t wait another day!

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Thank you for taking care of us. Your team at your company have been wonderful to work with.

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I’ve been a client of this company for many years. I appreciate all the infinite assistance from them.

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The team is highly committed to their profession. I would recommend them to anyone.

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