Other Accidents

Florida PBCS will pair you with an attorney to handle your personal injury case for any of these other accidents:

• Car accidents
• Workplace Accidents
• Slip and Fall Accidents
• Accidents in the home
• Holiday accidents
• Medical neglect accidents

• Theme park accidents
• Bicycle accidents
• Wrongful death accidents
• Pedestrian accidents
• And more


There are many more types of accidents that you need medical assistance for. You can easily reach us at 1-866-611-PBCS and we will help you file for your case. Florida PBCS will help you seek treatment by directing you to a medical facility. We also have experienced lawyers who are qualified in getting clients recompenses for medical bills, lost wages and foreseeable expenses for rehabilitation. We will make sure that you get the right medical assistance after the accident.

Whether you got injured while in the workplace or at a shopping mall, we are here to make sure that you get compensated for everything this injury has cost you, regardless of the kind of injury you have. The compensation you may receive actually varies, correlating it to the intent or level of negligence of the opposing parties involved in the injury that you have experienced.

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